Why I am going to Bersih 4.0

The Bersih 4.0 is happening this August 29th and 30th at Dataran Merdeka (Kuala Lumpur), Kuching and Kota Kinabaru concurrently.  So I see a lot of people are buying the Bersih 4.0 t-shirts and claiming that they are attending the peace rally and I also see a lot of people condemning the Bersih coalition. For me, this is a must-go for me for several reasons.

Its For The Future Generation
Many would think that politics has nothing to do with their daily lives and they could not be more wrong than ever. Politicians are the one who decide the future of our nation, and if you look at the slumping of our economy, the weak Ringgit Malaysia against foreign currencies, the implementation of GST, the weak education system in the country, they are all the results of politicians and also politics.

Also there are elements of dirty politics involved and I’m joining Bersih 4.0, fighting not for myself but for our next generation so that they can have a better future and a country they can be proud of.

There’s No Point Playing By the Book
On July 12th, Prime Minister Najib Razak sacked the Attorney-General and promoted certain members of Public Account Committee (PAC) to be deputy ministers. The Attorney-General (AG) Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and the PAC were one of those who spearheaded the investigation into the 1MDB fiasco. By replacing the AG, the investigation by the Special Task Force (which I had mentioned before) was dismantled and by promoting the chairmain and certain members of the PAC, the investigation by PAC has to be stopped as there is no longer a chairman to steer the PAC (by law and by rule, whoever holds a ministerial post are not allowed to be in the PAC). And then certain members of the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Committee (MACC) have been transfered to the Prime Minister’s Department without valid reasons.

Singlehandedly, Prime Minister Najib Razak has crippled the whole investigation of 1MDB and the allegations against him of his corruption of RM2.6 billion (For those who don’t know how much is RM2.6 billion, that’s RM 2,600,000,000!).

By doing so, Prime Minister Najib has murdered democracy and the judicial system. With such dirty tactic, I don’t think I want to play by the rule anymore like waiting for the next General Election. Besides, with so much money pouring in to Najib’s account as “donation” as alleged by him for the RM 2.6 billion, how can we be even sure that the electoral process is not rigged?

That’s why I am no longer sitting still but going on the street to join Bersih 4.0 hoping to reinstall the democratic process and the judiciary system.

I Want to be Proud
One day, the history book will mark the political landscape of Malaysia and Bersih will be mentioned and description will be given on how it has shaped Malaysia. When my kids grow up, and they asked me what happened, I want them to be proud of their daddy that their daddy went for the Bersih despite the possibilities of danger (police brutality, tear gas, water cannon, etc. Remember the previous Bersih?) and I was part of the force that shape the political landscape and also the future of the nation. I don’t want to see other people marching on the street fighting for what is right and yet I am sitting in the house, like a coward, watching those brave souls taking the risks on my behalf. I want to be part of the force by the people, for the people.

I do see quite a number of people protesting against Bersih 4.0, and I understand that there are certain group of people too blind (and not to mention stupid) to see the truth, or protesting against Bersih 4.0 because of monetary rewards involved. For me, I can only hope the rest of the nation will come out without hidden propaganda and stand next to your brethren to demand for a better future.

So what will happen to Najib?

On July 3 and July 5, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published news alleging Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib receiving almost US$700million (roughly around RM2.6 billions) from 1MDB and the funds went into his personal accounts right before the 13th General Election. Never before in Malaysia history that scandal of such magnitude has hit Malaysians and everyone is following the news intensely. Just after a few days after the news came out from WSJ, a special task force has started a probe on these allegations. The most pertinent question among the citizen is; what will happen to Najib?

My guess is: nothing.

Before I explain why I think nothing will happen, let me give out a few glaring pointers about this allegations first because I have been thinking about these points for the past week and can’t get my head around it.

Silence from AmBank
Being pinpointed as the bank in question in facilitating the deposit of almost US$700million (RM2.6 billion), the silence from AmBank is deafening. If no such transaction happened, AmBank, the fifth largest bank in Malaysia, should stand out immediately to clarify that no such transactions happened. As of writing, it has been a week since the publication from WSJ exposing the transactions, AmBank is still being quiet and not releasing any public statement. What is more interesting is that the task force has just confirmed on July 9th that Najib did have AmBank accounts and they were closed as alleged by WSJ.

Weak denial from Najib
Najib kept insisting that he “didn’t take 1MDB fund for personal gain/interest“. For me, the denial is about him not using the money for his personal gain/interest, but he didn’t deny that he didn’t take the money for other usage. He didn’t even deny if such transactions happened but he kept on repeating that he didn’t take the 1MDB fund for his personal gain/interest.

Crying foul and trying to find the whistleblower
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and many quarters (mostly from UMNO/BN, the ruling parties under Prime Minister Najib) are crying foul, demanding to know the source, and trying to apprehend the person responsible of leaking such documents and information to WSJ under the Secrecy Act. That sounds to me that they are indirectly admiting that such information is authentic but in order to protect the reputation of the country and the position of the Prime Minister, they are using Secrecy Act to find the culprit and silence the leakage.

Laughable Demand Letter from Najib to Dow Jones
Dow Jones, being the owner of Wall Street Jounal, received a lawyer letter representing Prime Minister Najib to confirm claims made by WSJ. Well, I am not a lawyer but when I read the letter, I was laughing so hard that I had to take a break away from the computer. Beside the laughable English, basically the lawyer letter is asking if Dow Jones can confirm about the content, if they can explain themselves the meaning of the articles being published, telling Dow Jones what they have been thinking, what they are doing and what they will do next based on the advice from Dow Jones. If you want to see the letter, I have attached them below. 


The Special Task Force
Now, the special task force comprises of Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, Bank Negara Governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Inspector -General of police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and MACC chief Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed. I hereby nickname them the “4 Tan Sri”.

What you need to know is that each and every one of these Tan Sri are appointed by Prime Minister Najib and the Finance Minister, which happens to be Prime Minister Najib also. Furthermore, these people are reporting directly to the Prime Minister and Finance Minister. What was even better was the fact that Prime Minister is dictating them the scope of investigation.

Now what I think is that when a person is under investigation, he should vacate the position he’s holding, take a break/vacation so he can’t interfer with the ongoing investigation. Furthermore, with someone holding such high position in the country, Prime Minister Najib should definitely go on a vacation and let the Deputy Prime Minister to act as the acting leader for the time being to give way for the special task force to investigate the allegations made by Wall Street Journal without bias and prejudice. Of course I could be wrong but that’s what I think.

Now, why I say nothing will come out from the investigation? Well, my points above are glaring and when the special task force is reporting directly to the accused, what can happen to the accused?


So let’s just sweep the whole thing under the carpet and move on with our life.

How TNB has been ripping you off

Tenaga Nasional Berhad, or better known as TNB for the Malaysian folks, is the sole electricity power supplier in Malaysia and they monopolize the whole market by supplying electricity to all households, business premises and etc. But TNB has been ripping off their customers without them knowing for a long time.

Today I am going to tell you how they do it.

(null)As you know (if you don’t, you will know especially after reading this), your electricity charges fall into different tariff block. The basic structure of TNB tariff is that the more electricity you used, the more you pay and there’s a tariff block depending on your usage. Please refer to the table below and also the picture of TNB bill for illustration. (Note: The image is for illustration purpose only and it is taken from TNB website. It is not an actual bill and definitely not mine.)

Usage Tariff Rate
For the first 200 kWh (1 – 200 kWh) per month 21.80 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (201 – 300 kWh) per month 33.40 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (301 – 400 kWh) per month 51.60 sen/kWh
For the next 100kWh (401 – 500 kWh) per month 51.60 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (501 – 600 kWh) per month 51.60 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (601 – 700 kWh) per month 54.60 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (701 – 800 kWh) per month 54.60 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (801 – 900 kWh) per month 54.60 sen/kWh
For the next kWh (901 kWh onwards) per month 57.10 sen/kWh

(Source from TNB website)

From the tariff block table and the bill, it all look proper and nothing could go wrong so how did TNB rip off their customers?

From the image above, look no further than item number 5. Yes, the magic number 5.

Do you notice that in item 5, it is the actual reading period? Yes, the billing cycle is not actual 30 days but it is more than that. From the image that is officially from TNB, it is stated that the billing cycle is 35 days. When I look at my bill, it is minimum of 32 days and sometimes 36 days.

So what does that mean?

The more days they wait to bill you, the more you are using. So according to the tariff table and the charges for different tariff block, you’ll be paying more because the more you use, the more you’ll be charged per KWh (unit).

Let me show you a very simple calculation and by no means this is accurate but more for illustration purpose only.

Let’s just say I used 714 kWh for 35 days just like the image from TNB. For simple and easy calculation, I’m using an average of 20.4 kWh per day (714 kWh divided by 35 days and of course the usage varies day to day). So if the billing cycle is actual 30 days, I will be using 30 days x20.4 kWh = 612kWh!

So how much is my charges? Let’s use the TNB image again for our calculation.
First 200kWh: 226 x 0.218 = 49.27
Subsequent 100kWh: 113 x 0.334 = 37.74
Subsequent 300kWh: 273 x 0.516 = 140.87
Your monthly bill is: RM 227.88

But because it’s 35 days billing cycle, your total electricity charges become RM281.59 (as shown in the picture), that’s RM53.71 extra!

When TNB deploys such simple trick, you’ll be paying more for electric bill when in fact it should be lower and cheaper. So let’s just say you’re paying RM10 more per month, and with the number of households being affected by this, this amount to millions of ringgit per month extra for TNB!

If you don’t believe me, dig out your TNB bills and see if your billing cycle is more than 30 days.

An Open Letter to BMW

Dear BMW,

First of all, congratulations on launching the new 5 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty and 100,000 kilometers Free Service campaign. With your new campaign I am sure customers will be flocking to the showroom to purchase brand new BMW and you’ll gain new customers in no time.

But I would like to also congratulate you for punishing your current supporters because I am selling off my BMW even though it’s less than 1 year old because with your new campaign, my BMW is now considered junk car due to poor resell value and who would want to buy second car that has short warranty and no longer enjoy free service? And by resell value I’m not talking about the price but the fact that no one will want to buy it anymore.

So thank you, BMW, for punishing me for supporting you during your slow time in the market when Mercedes-Benz has been picking up strong market momentum and eating into your market share.

Also, thank you, BMW, for punishing me for introducing my friends to purchase BMW and now, for the same car, they are enjoying all the perks while I look like an idiot for buying your car earlier. Now I am the laughing stock among my friends who had just placed an order.

But you know what? You don’t have to worry about your loyal customers even though we are upset about the unfair treatment because you’ll be gaining new customers. I’m sure your new customers will be enough to cover the numbers of loyal customers you’ve just lost.

You can reply me with all the marketing lingo and business strategies on how you can pull in more customers and better profit but let me be honest with you here before you waste your time; I don’t give a shit about all that because right now I am seriously considering trading in my BMW and get the Mercedes and will never ever going to buy another BMW in my life anymore unless I get to enjoy the new warranty and free service.

So congratulations and thank you.

Me, soon to be ex-BMW supporter

Najib – Lim Kok Wing: the end result of public image transformation

Recently the Najib administration announced that they are hiring Lim Kok Wing, the founder of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, to play a role as special advisor to Najib to transform his image and handles the Public Relation.

And I wonder to no end as to how Lim Kok Wing will transform Najib’s image, considering all the negative news around Najib. That is until I landed on this image and suddenly it all made sense.

Lo and behold! Here is Najib’s new image!

najib lim kok wing

So how do you like Najib’s new image?

Starting again

Recently the blog was migrating to a new web hosting service and I screwed up my backups of the blog so everything was gone. Instead of fretting over it, I decided to start fresh.

So here you are.

Same shit, different day. Version 2.0.

This time around there will be some major difference to the format and I have decided to include photography as part of it since I have invested in a Nikon DSLR so I want to “show off” some of the pieces I had captured.

So enjoy SSDD 2.0!