An Open Letter to BMW

Dear BMW,

First of all, congratulations on launching the new 5 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty and 100,000 kilometers Free Service campaign. With your new campaign I am sure customers will be flocking to the showroom to purchase brand new BMW and you’ll gain new customers in no time.

But I would like to also congratulate you for punishing your current supporters because I am selling off my BMW even though it’s less than 1 year old because with your new campaign, my BMW is now considered junk car due to poor resell value and who would want to buy second car that has short warranty and no longer enjoy free service? And by resell value I’m not talking about the price but the fact that no one will want to buy it anymore.

So thank you, BMW, for punishing me for supporting you during your slow time in the market when Mercedes-Benz has been picking up strong market momentum and eating into your market share.

Also, thank you, BMW, for punishing me for introducing my friends to purchase BMW and now, for the same car, they are enjoying all the perks while I look like an idiot for buying your car earlier. Now I am the laughing stock among my friends who had just placed an order.

But you know what? You don’t have to worry about your loyal customers even though we are upset about the unfair treatment because you’ll be gaining new customers. I’m sure your new customers will be enough to cover the numbers of loyal customers you’ve just lost.

You can reply me with all the marketing lingo and business strategies on how you can pull in more customers and better profit but let me be honest with you here before you waste your time; I don’t give a shit about all that because right now I am seriously considering trading in my BMW and get the Mercedes and will never ever going to buy another BMW in my life anymore unless I get to enjoy the new warranty and free service.

So congratulations and thank you.

Me, soon to be ex-BMW supporter

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