I have noticed over the years that most people in Asia are not the sincere lot. I am not sure about you, but I am one person who say what I mean, so when I say it, I really do mean it (unless during heated arguments where our brain is fried as salted fish and there’s no filter at all).

Let me give you an example: Sometimes when having a conversation, someone might just casually say “Oh we should meet up more often!” or “Please do come by” or “Please bring your wife/husband along next time”. Now, for them, it might be the most convenient thing to say at that particular time, so they just say it without meaning it. How would I know? If the person really wanted to meet up more often, he/she will call to set up a time and date for meeting up. If someone really wanted me to drop by their new house, they will plan a date and invite me. If they really do want me to bring my wife next time, they would insist during the planning time for the next event.

How many of you not being invited by your wife’s (or husband’s) friends for the outing even though previously those friends mentioned, sometimes insisted, that your wife/husband should bring you along, but at the end, there’s no official invitation?

Recently I just told my friend that during school holiday, he should bring his sons to come to my place to enjoy the swimming pool. When I said it, I meant it, and I am expecting myself to call him during school holidays to make plans. I didn’t say those things just for fun nor was it the most convenient thing to say. In fact, I brought it up as a new topic during conversation after thinking about it because once I said it, it’s a commitment on my side so I thought about it before saying it.

I think we should all change this. We should start behaving with more sincerity in our core, start meaning what we say and follow up on it. I have started that long time ago and when I say “we should meet up more often”, I actually made the phone calls to follow up on our next meet up. When I say “you should bring your wife along”, I really do insist on asking my friend to bring his wife. When I say “Please do come by with your boys!”, I really prepare the whole place with food and drinks for the boys (because kids will forever be hungry at all time).

If more people can start acting with more sincerity, I believe this world will be a better place, and there will be less conflict and drop out in friendships. I think we will even achieve the impossible, like World Peace!!!!

So act up you people. Be more sincere.

Be like me!

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