New Year Eve ruined by Pavilion Mall

2015 is coming to an end and I had planned to end the year with a high note going into 2016 to signify a great start of the year. But then it was completely and utterly ruined by Pavilion Mall Kuala Lumpur.

If you don’t know, Pavilion is actually an upscale shopping mall boasting some big brand names in the world such as Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and etc., and for some reasons I was never that interested in Pavilion. Let me put it this way; if I were to waste my time in a shopping mall, Pavilion is definitely one of those in the last place I wanted to go.

I find Pavilion very snobby. In fact, it is the snobbiest shopping mall in Malaysia right now.

Let’s talk about design; they put up a metal bar right in front of the escalator to prevent people with baby stroller to use it. I guess rich people do not reproduce, or if you are not rich enough to hire some maids to break their back for carrying the baby, then you are not rich enough to reproduce.

I have seen many young couples struggled like a mad dogs in the Pavilion because they were using baby stroller, which in my opinion, is the safest and best way to ferry a baby. Hell, I bought quite a few things and the metal bar was blocking my way most of the time and it was such a hassle, maybe I should work harder to be rich so that I can hire a someone to carry my shopping bags for me so I don’t have to worry about it.

Of course, the management will argue that they have many elevators available for those with baby stroller and people confined in a wheelchair. I will get to the issue with the elevator shortly.

Other than the stupid metal bar in front of the escalator, some of the shops like Mont Blanc, Salvatore Ferragamo, and etc., have two stories. I guess if those with baby strollers or people confined in wheelchair want to buy something from the upstairs, or just to browse, they will need to get out from the shops, find the nearest elevator, wait for it, go up, find the shop again and viola! Shopping time!

Genius thinking, isn’t it?

Or maybe Pavilion thinks that rich people do not reproduce nor use a baby stroller since the rich obviously has many maids to break their back, and rich people will never be confined in a wheelchair.

And the problem with the elevator? The hallway to the elevator is so small that two wheelchairs will not be able to fit the hallway, and I personally find it very difficult to manoeuvre the hallway when a person in wheelchair was coming my back, so you can imagine how small and narrow that hallway is. (And for your information, I am not that overweight in the first place, and I am still pretty agile, I think.)

Most time than not, the small elevator is packed with people. So there goes your leisure shopping, parents.

And the toilet. My god, most of the toilet has two urinal stall, two toilet stall, two sinks and that’s about it (and of course dryer, and that’s only limited to the male restrooms¬†since I do not have the privilege to walk into the female restroom without ended up in jail or something). Today while I needed to go, I had to wait because there isn’t enough urinal for me to take a good long piss, and that rich uncle using it might have some medical problems since he was taking such a long time to piss that few drops.

Or maybe I am simply not rich enough because maybe, just maybe, rich people do not need to take a piss.

Anyway, enough of the ranting and I shall explain why I am so pissed off tonight by Pavilion.

I went for a late dinner on the top floor (TGIF, if you needed to ask), and by the time I was done, it was almost 10:30pm. I left the restaurant to my car so leave for home. Then I saw some security guard directing the human traffic to the other end of the mall, so I asked him how to get to my space. He gave me a very vague instruction but I decided to follow. Then I saw the landmark (the shop, which I normally used to pinpoint where exactly I parked) and I could see my car right in front of me. But the security guards locked the sliding door access, so my car was so near yet so far.

Then another guard came and told me off, telling me just to go “there”.

I asked, “Where?”

“There,” she said.

I asked again, “Where exactly is there?”

“There,” she said again, this time impatiently.

I almost lost it and I was extremely close in shouting in her face, telling her to use some brain and at the very least, tell me where to exit, or was I supposed to walk all the way straight even if it’s a dead end? If there’s an exit near a shop, at least fucking tell me where to get off instead of just telling me “there”. I was extremely worked up by this point, and I stormed off because I knew if I stayed for one more second, I would’ve shouted in her face.

And then I saw another security guard, and this time this fellow told me that I was supposed to take the elevator to go down to Basement 3 (B3), take a walk to the other side of the parking area, and then take the staircase up to my floor.

I parked at Level 2. From B3 to Level 2, that’s 5 floors!

I lost it completely and I was about to shout at anyone and everyone around me because that was simply too much. The security has some really bad attitudes like treating customers like me some low class poor bastards who can’t afford to buy shit but going to Pavilion for free air-conditioning, despite the fact that I was holding quite a few shopping bags. Secondly, there were a lot of people dining at late hours, and when they close down all the access, then everyone will be forced to walk like a mutt just to get to their cars so that they can go home.

Seriously, that’s very unfriendly to the shoppers, the Pavilion customers. I go to your mall to buy things, so that the shops can earn enough to pay you rent, and those rents plus others will make you so damn rich, yet you treating those customers/shoppers like some cheap bastards?

So yeah, most probably I won’t be going to Pavilion any time soon. And I don’t care if Pavilion management will see this or not because I am taking my hard-earned money to somewhere else to spend lavishly.

Oh by the way, Happy New  Year!